domingo, 26 de octubre de 2014


1). Tell me about yourself
       I’m a person discipinade and responsible, honest, social, cheerfull and punctual.

2). What is your greatest strength
       I am learn fast and work fast because I am wonted to hardwork

3). What is yourgreatest wakness
       I am prideful, but I try talk to that person quickly

4). What do you know about our Company so far
       The Company is dedicated to development of applications and software to Microsoft, is a Company that carry 39 years produced diferent form of client atenction.

5). Tell me about your experience
       I in my process of stydy, I developed several projects and i was in diferent conpetitions in the that can learn and live : teamwork, pressure and hours of job

6). What do you handle stess and pressure
       I cosider that work pretty good under the preassure because, I had diferent situations and know how controler.

7). Describe a dificult work situation / Project and how you overcame it
       sometimes in stock customers discussed by the price of the projects. I calm down and agree to a fair value, and I seek leave satisfied customers.

8). Why do you want this job
       Because I want learn and know about this Company and overcame my spectatives

9). What are you goals for the future
       I will help to this Company to develop the diferent projects and achieve a higher level.

10). What are you passionate about
       I loved the music, I play guitar in my free times and i love the animals

11).How do you see yourself in the future
       I am going to be a profesional and i will work acording to my studies. 

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